Hand Care

The skin of our pens is most exposed to the negative factors of our environment. After all, the hands are constantly exposed to the influence of water, cold and heat, as well as all sorts of chemicals, for example: washing, washing dishes and cleaning the house. Therefore, they very much need regular care and permanent protection. If you want to have well-groomed and certainly beautiful hands, then you need to allocate at least a few minutes a day to take care of your skin. And just below you will find useful tips that will help to maintain the health and beauty of your hands.

How to take care of your hands

Washing hands is always better with water that has room temperature, while using moisturizing soap;
If you want the skin of your hands to be soft, then every evening you can massage with a mixture in a ratio of 1: 1 from glycerin and starch;
With redness of the hands, alternating baths from hot and cold water helps a lot. Repeat the procedure alternating 10 to 12 times, ending it with cold water. Baths of slightly salty water will also be useful;
To make the handles look well-groomed and beautiful, use knives made of stainless steel to prepare food so that there are no dark spots on the skin;
Fruits and vegetables will be best cleaned under running tap water from the tap. Whiten darkened skin with a 1% solution of hydrogen peroxide, and still with lemon juice or wiping your hands with apple peel. Well helps in this and a sheet of sorrel or water-diluted sea-buckthorn juice;
Very dirty handles can easily be washed if rubbed into their skin vegetable oil, which is pre-mixed with ordinary sugar;
When cleaning the house, you should wear rubber gloves or simply lubricate your hands with a protective cream. It is also possible to lubricate the handles with glycerin, which also helps to keep them smooth and soft;
After finishing work on the house you need to wash your hands with warm water, then dry it and then lubricate them with a nutritious cream. The cream itself should be rubbed from the tips of the fingers to their base, then go to the back of the palm surface and to the wrist;
To make the skin velvety and to moisten it – well suited cucumber juice. Just wipe your hands with a slice of fresh cucumber. To alleviate the skin of the hands is excellent almond oil.
And one more useful and many used way of caring for hands. Before going to bed it will be very good to lubricate the hands with a nutritious cream.

These simple tips will help to look your pens always great.


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