How to organize workouts at home for men

Exercising fitness for men at home is a good opportunity to maintain their fitness when there is no time to visit the gym. Competently chosen physical exercises, balanced nutrition and perseverance will help to achieve the desired result and impress the surrounding people.

Inventory selection

It is very important to choose the necessary equipment, without which training will not do.

Sports training at home can pass without expensive simulators, since the main tools in the fitness classes at home are the human body and sex.

Still, it will not be superfluous to purchase a horizontal bar. With the help of a horizontal bar the muscles of the upper limbs and the back swing.

For a variety of training, you can buy dumbbells of different weights. This is a useful inventory, because there are many different exercises with dumbbells, and in each exercise, the individual muscle groups of the man are worked out.

Later you can buy: weighting, rope, collapsible bar, inclined board, fitball, weights.

Course Rules

Any sports training of a man must necessarily begin with a warm-up.

Well-designed training program. Before the start of training, you need to make a schedule, a set of exercises and their number. To achieve an effective result, you do not need to train every day. During the rest period, the result of the training is fixed. The body should have time to fully rest.

Training program

For fitness at home, exercises with body weight are used: pull-ups, squats, push-ups, jumps and exercises for the abdominals. And exercises with burdening: exercises with weights, dumbbells, barbell, weighting.

Complex of exercises for beginners

For pumping the biceps in a standing or lying position, you need to take turns lifting dumbbells. 3 sets, 10 repetitions.
For pumping the shoulder girdle, hands are straightened with dumbbells up. 10 times, 3 approaches.
Exercises for triceps. Standing with your back to the bed or a chair you need to lean your hands. Bend and straighten your arms behind your back 15 times, 3 sets.
For pectoral muscles, perform flexion and extension of the arms in the support lying. 3 approaches, 15 times.
Abdominal Press. In the supine position, lifting of the trunk. 3 approaches, 15 times.
For the muscles of the lower limbs, perform squats. 20 times, 3 approaches.
To succeed, you need to eat right. Eating before the training should be no later than 1 to 2 hours before it starts. You need to drink enough water, eat fruits and vegetables.


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