How to prevent eye fatigue when working on a computer

A computer is a modern technique that greatly simplifies the life of a business person. However, to use it does not create a lot of health problems, you must follow certain rules. This will be discussed in this article.

What do you need to consider when planning to work on a computer?

Duration of work at the computer is an important factor affecting the health of the eyes, which periodically need rest. After every 60 – 90 minutes of work, it is recommended to arrange 10-minute breaks, during which it is possible to ventilate the workroom or carry out preventive work. In these 10 minutes you should not read, watch TV, or look for information on the Internet – your eyes really need to rest. What is harmful is the long-term continuous work at the computer, so this is a decrease in its effectiveness. Therefore, the device of small, but regular breaks must be made a rule, the observance of which will take care of health, and productivity will improve.

Another important point, important for the eyes, is the brightness and contrast of the image on the monitor. Create a working environment on the screen will help a dark font on a light background. However, if the sphere of human activity is the creation of vivid attractive advertising pictures and texts, then without using colorful colors here it will not do. The only way out in this situation is to take this side of the issue into account. Just tear yourself away from the screen and sit quietly with your eyes closed.

Correct position of the body when working at a computer

“We keep our back straight” – if someone so commanded mental workers, it would be nice. But, unfortunately, the authorities hurry with the performance of the required amount of work, and employees, hunched up, “burn out” in the performance of their duties and earn scoliosis. Avoid this, you can only withstand the correct posture.

Sitting at the computer is necessary so that the body does not experience feelings of tension and discomfort. The best position when working with a computer is one in which the feet stand exactly on the floor or on a stand specially designed for this purpose. The trunk should also be kept straight – only a slight inclination forward is allowed. Shoulders at the same time should be freely lowered, “puffing” over the keyboard is not necessary – the process of inhaling-exhaling occurs smoothly and smoothly. The center of the screen should be either at eye level or slightly lower. The acceptable distance from the eyes to the monitor is at least 50 cm.

Some useful tips

The room in which computers are installed needs daily wet cleaning and ventilation.
The monitor should not be dirty and dusty – it must be cleaned with special napkins and tools. If you work at a computer with glasses, their lenses should also be clean.
The chair, designed for sitting in the process of working at the computer, should be convenient in all senses of the word. Otherwise, prolonged work will become a provocateur of the total body tension.
To make the eyes less tired, try not to forget them to blink, thereby you will moisten and clean the film of the eyes.
How to reduce eye fatigue after a computer

As already mentioned above, the best remedy for eye fatigue from the computer is the final rest from it. Therefore, again, every 60-90 minutes you tear your eyes away from the monitor for at least 10 minutes. At this time it will be good to go to the window and look into the distance. Next, the network and move your eyes slightly to the right and left, up and down, then quickly blink many times, then just close your eyes and sit quietly.


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