How to strengthen the bones from the young

We all want, as long as possible, to stay in good physical shape. A huge role in this play strong bones. In youth, we often do not think about it, and then problems begin. The reasons why the bones lose their density may be different: malnutrition, high physical exertion, especially without exercise, during pregnancy and breastfeeding, illness, overweight and sedentary lifestyle.

There are three sources that will help us to strengthen the bones:

1. Proper nutrition

It’s no secret that the main basis for bones is calcium, but where is the best place to take it? An adult should use at least 1 gram of calcium per day to maintain normal bone tissue. As you know, most of the calcium is found in milk, cream, kefir, yoghurt, cheese and cottage cheese. It is also available, but less, in vegetables: spinach, broccoli, carrots, parsley, cabbage and other vegetables of orange and green color. But vegetables can not be analogous to dairy products, since their vitamins are not fully absorbed without fats, for example, vegetable oil. Plus, one must definitely eat liver, eggs, dried apricots, prunes, figs, whole grains, sardines and other seafood, as calcium is poorly absorbed without phosphorus and vice versa. All these products are a good source of trace elements such as iron, zinc, manganese, copper, fluorine and vitamins C and K. But the most important source of natural collagen is meat and bone broth of animal origin. Of course, by and large, all vitamins and trace elements should be consumed, because all the elements of the periodic table, even in microdoses, are in our bodies, and that there is not one that “treats one and cripples the other”, we must eat Everything, but within reasonable limits. For example, the abuse of salt, meat, carbonated beverages, white bread, spaghetti, refined sugar, industrial sauces adversely affects the bones; therefore, these products should be consumed less and compensated for by their usefulness.

2. Vitamin D

The second source of strength for bones is the sun. More are in the open air in warm, sunny weather, then vitamin D is allocated, which promotes good absorption of all other vitamins. And, as recommendations, try not to overcool, avoid drafts and often take a hot bath in the cold season.

3. Doing sports

If the muscles are strong, then the bones are strong. For this, they must regularly test the load. It improves blood circulation and normalizes the exchange of calcium. Accordingly, any physical activity is very useful for bones and joints, even some simple, primitive exercises will have a very good impact on our health, especially if they are properly selected. You can, for example, from time to time dumbbells are easy to pull, to crouch with them, etc. The main thing is to do everything without fanaticism. It is worth mentioning that swimming is one of the most useful sports, where all muscle groups are involved.

Weak bones are not only inconvenience and hindrance to some activities, but also diseases such as: osteoporosis, arthrosis, ostiomyelitis, bone tumor and others. And at the age, especially after 50 years – it can be fractures, bruises and loss of teeth. Therefore, in childhood and youth it is necessary to lay a strong foundation.

Completing the article, it is necessary to clarify that these are only general recommendations designed for a healthy, average person, so that if you are already worried about something, it is better to consult a competent doctor.

Be healthy and beautiful.


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