Monodiet – benefit or harm

The topic of losing weight has always been popular, especially in women’s societies. But no one thinks about the fact that proper weight loss is a set of measures, and not just a restriction in some products.

Recently, mono-diets have become famous. In principle, these are the same unloading days, but their duration is not one day, but much more. Most often, unloading days of harm to the body do not bring. But about such a diet can not be said.

Throughout the mono-diet, you should consume only one product, the amount of which, as a rule, is limited. For example, rice, apples, buckwheat porridge, cottage cheese. Other foods are extracted from your daily diet. But you can use water in any quantity. Plus such a diet is that you can lose weight very quickly, literally in a few days, and the results will be visible to the naked eye.

Unfortunately, there will be more negative sides in such diets. The human body constantly needs to perform cell renewal, but this can not be done without different nutrients. In nature, there is no such product, in which there will be a sufficient number of all necessary elements. That is why we must use products of different content, thereby replenishing internal reserves. When the body lacks any substance, it “pulls” it from the internal organs, muscles. Yes, at such times you can lose weight, but you lose not fat, but muscle mass. The whole fatty layer remains in place. Burning it can be done with the help of special exercises, physical exertion. It will be more correct to withdraw about 3-5 kg for about 30 days. And you can lose weight in a month only due to a combination of proper nutrition and correction of your body with the help of sports.

Another disadvantage of using mono-diet is a decrease in metabolism and metabolism. The first – the third day we can lose a good amount of extra pounds, and the body will necessarily feel the changes that occur with it. Further, all the processes in the body are gradually slowing down. And here comes the most unpleasant for you: when you leave the diet, you start eating those foods that are always present in your diet, and the body stores all the missing calories in almost all places in your body. But the most important thing is that now they are deposited in the form of fat, and not muscle mass. In a couple of weeks you will notice that your weight has returned to its former state, and perhaps even more than it was before the diet.

No self-respecting nutritionist will advise you to use mono-diets, as they can also damage the internal organs. Kefir diet causes diarrhea. Buckwheat causes a constant feeling of hunger. Curd causes in the body a glut of proteins. And the oatmeal diet causes iron deficiency in the body.

If you still decided to stay for a few days on one of the above diets, then be sure to consult a doctor. It will also help you choose a complex of multivitamin preparations that must be taken in parallel with any diet.

In order to properly lose weight, you just need to adhere to a healthy diet and give yourself physical exertion. If you observe these two rules, your body will always be in good shape without using different diets and other methods of losing weight.


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